Indian Flatbread Crossword Clue

Indian Flatbread Crossword Clue – Indian Flatbread

Indian Flatbread Crossword Clue Flatbreads are also very popular among Indian people and are considered a staple food and are often served with stews, curries, meat, and other dishes. They are usually made from wheat flour, rice flour, and corn flour. Depending on the recipe and cooking method, it can be soft or crispy, and crunchy. There is a different process for each dish. Some popular Indian Flatbreads include roti, naan, paratha, chapati, etc. These flatbreads are usually cooked in a grill or tandoor oven and can be enjoyed as a main dish.

Here is an Indian Flatbread Crossword Clue list :

  • roti
  • luchi
  • paratha
  • Nan
  • Puri
  • chapati
  • Kulcha
  • brothers
  • dosa

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